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Group Retirement

Retirement Plans

Premier Health Advisors offers cost effective, salient and leading edge advice dealing with the design, tax, structure, finance, investment direction, and administrative selection of defined contribution style group retirement programs.  Whether it is a new program or an existing plan, we can assist you in this area.  Our extensive experience involves the establishment and management of RPP’s, RRSP’s and DPSP’s including contributory and non-contributory plans.  We represent clients that have over $20 million invested in plan assets representing over 2000 employees.

For defined benefit clients, we manage the process of referral and follow up with exemplary actuarial and investment management firms.  These firms have a long history of delivering cost effective and timely service to plan sponsors and we have the highest confidence and  trust in their business platform and expertise.  For more information, contact us at  info@premierhealthadvisors.com


Governance Reports

It is the fiduciary duty of plan sponsors to inform the members to the best of their ability using “reasonable efforts” on all aspects of the administration of a group retirement plan.  This includes selection of investment managers, menu of funds chosen, investment management fees and or management expense ratios levied, peer investment performance reports, adequate communication strategies employed and education of plan particulars to all members.

Premier Health Advisors takes these responsibilities very seriously and assists all clients with upholding adequate governance practices.


Investment Performance

The key ingredient to a successful retirement program is the investment performance over the long term under the program.  Under this area of the site, we report investment performance to client sponsors in all areas of their program.  As there are many benchmarks from which to measure performance, we keep things quite simple – we compare results to peer programs, placing the investment performance into quartiles, and use YTD, one, three and five year performance statistics to gauge plan and fund return effectiveness.



Contracts represent the legal agreement between the insurer/administrator and the plan sponsor.  It itemizes when, how, and to what degree, claims will be reimbursed to the member.

For ease of understanding and reference, we post all client contracts to the secure site for quick reference. All amendments are posted by removal of outdated clauses and insertion of new clauses that apply.

This is meant as a guide and should there be a discrepancy between what is posted to the site and what is found in the insurer record, the latter will apply.


Special Reports

Often clients require specific tasks be completed on the status of their benefit programs.  This may include plan design change reviews, financial forecasting, peer review and or many other types of assignments.  All reports are posted to this site, titled and filed chronologically for your review and reference.



Employee communications are one of the key aspects to adequate governance programs.  All communications used with employee groups are found and chornologically filed on this page of the client site.

Employee Booklets and Investment Reports are the reference tool that many employees use to determine what their program looks like, rules regarding how much they invest, and what investment vehicles are made available   Many times, supplies of these booklets run out and a request needs to be made to the insurer for replacements. This can take time and cause undue stress for employer and employees alike. Instead, Premier Health Advisors offers the most current plan communication material posted to your secure site so that quick printing and distribution to needy employees can take place.


Guidance for Plan Sponsors

Every year in December, Premier Health Advisors completes a Guidance Presentation for client sponsors.  In this report, we comment on what has transpired over the past twelve months as well as what is slated or expected to occur in the foreseeable future.  For example, it provides plan sponsors in various jurisdictions changes in tax regulation as it pertains to benefit programs, new offerings by the insurance industry, news as it relates to the reorganization of the provider networks as well as much more.  This section is also used to post links to useful sites that sponsor should visit for additional information.