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Enterprise Health

Enterprise Health

The fastest area of growth for Premier Health Advisors is in the Enterprise Health Practice.  Enterprise Health Management is defined as a process of continuous improvement of the organizations health, both in the health of the employees individually and aggregately, and in the environment in which employees work and in the communities in which they live.

Premier Health recommends the use a roster of Alternate Service Providers (ASP’s) for its clients to implement programs that are determined to be useful to the client.

These programs provide valuable information on the health of the employee group.  The ASP may conduct  program management and if so, would report the results to both client and the Enterpirse Health Practice of Premier Health.  Premier Health then compiles the results into its database and posts results to the online CMS including updating of the EH Network Reports section.  Premier Health then incorporates this into the EH Integration Report Suite of its benefits management practice.

Clients may choose to use other providers outside of the preferred network.  If this route is chosen, it may become difficult to produce meaningful comparative results for the network, however, Premier Health will work with all providers of service.

Let Premier Health Advisors show you how to take control of benefit costs and increase the effectiveness of your workforce.


Charter of Health

Charters of Health are effective in changing the behavior of all employees.  They normally exist so that employees know what to expect from their employers and in turn, what is expected from them.  These charters of health or workplace health policies normally cover subject matter under three broad headings;

a) social responsibility, which relates to the relationship between the workplace and the employee’s life and his or her community;

b) healthy environments, which relates to the reduction of physical and mental risks and improve the social aspects of the workplace environment;

c) healthy lifestyles, policies which are implemented to enhance the employees’ health through the promotion of healthy living practices and behavioral change.

Premier Health Advisors has the expertise and can assist you with the design and implementation of a Charter of Health for your organization.


Disease State Management

Understanding business health is a revolving process that includes gathering and disseminating information on the quality of employee health in the workplace.  Premier Health has used many software programs that translate drug claims data into therapeutic classes or disease states.  Currently it uses a number of programs to evaluate aggregate DIN data to provide clues to policyholders from which to develop wellness plans.

Employers should endeavor to understand the health of their workers and the enviornments in which they live.   In today’s marketplace, business requires a broader focus on health, beyond the simple analysis of utilization under benefit programs or counting days missed.  Organizations that understand the disease states prevalent and emerging in their workforce and their related costs in terms of health care expenditures and lower productivity can make adjustments and introduce programs to improve business results.  From a business focus, organizations should compare and gauge their organization results to community, regional, provincial and national indices to get a complete understanding of how healthy their workforce is, ergo, how profitable they are now and will be in the future, and ultimately, how well they are going to be able to compete for the next contract or account.


Incentive For Health Program

Premier Health Advisors recognizes that it is difficult for many people to change their habits and adopt a new healthy lifestyle.  The most influential method of promoting changes into a meaningful and entrenched lifestyle is to provide individuals with incentives to embrace change.

The Incentive for Health Program was designed to maximize the motivational effect of embracing lifestyle change –  to shift the attitudes and then health outcomes of employees from higher to lower medical risks and from non or low to higher participation in the programs that are offered  Research shows that medical and indemnity expenses can be reduced by more than 20% from what was expected prior to the health shift and productivity can be increased by a similar or even greater factor than that.  Bottom line enthusiasts who have implemented focused IHP programs are starting to see results in their profit margins due to lower costs and higher productivity.  The Incentive for Health Program is an customized business process that earmarks a portion of the gain back to employees in the form of flexible spending accounts, cash or other remuneration.  It is a flexible benefit plan and a profit sharing plan rolled into one.


Health Risk Assessment/Health Promotion

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a standardized questionnaire instrument, which has been designed to assess an individual’s current lifestyle habits and choices.  The results of a stratified random HRA supplies Premier Health and its clients with additional information on the health of their workforce.  It compares their profile to a database of the North American population and identifies steps that the respondent can take to enhance their current health status.  HRA’s forecast the projected future morbidity of a respondent based on current lifestyle behaviours.  This is done on an individual employee basis, but an aggregate group summary is also available to the organization. HRA’s are generally used for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Wellness Programming for Risk Management and or;
  • Program Implementation

Premier Health employs a comprehensive aggregate HRA – Enterprise scoring system with one of its business partners, healthscore.ca.  The process, when implemented, illustrates not only the progress the participants are making, but also promotes healthy lifestyles and its effect is ultimately expressed in terms of the entire workforce population.

This is reported to clients on a regular basis and forms part of the Enterprise Health ‘Network Results’ Reporting Package. It contributes to a proprietary ROI analysis on all selected Enterprise Health Network programs.